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Jawalagera is a small town in Sindhanoor taluk and is 85 kms away from Raichur.  Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. A Central State Farm has been started in this town. The area of the Farm is 7569 acres.

It is a small town in Sindhanoor taluk situated at a distance of 22kms Sindhanoor and 102 kms towards west of Raichur on the bank of Tungabhadra river. There is an old large fort on the top of a nearby hill. An old temple of Murari is present at the entrance of the village. There is a Dargah known as Gaddi Khadar Durgah in the nearby island in the Tungabhadra river. An annual Urs of Gaddi Khadar Dargah attract large number of people.

It is a small village in Sindhanoor taluk situated at a distance of 18kms from Sindhanoor. Roudkunda is known for Ranganath Swamy temple. This place is of historical importance. There is a small fort belonging to the 16th or 17th centuty AD on the top of one of the two hillocks present in the western side of the village. Artifacts were found in valley region and on slopes of the hillock having the fort.

Somalapur is a village in Sindhanoor taluk at distance os 22kms from Sindhanoor.It is famous for Ambadevi temple and its annual fair which attracts large number of devotees.