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Raichur Fort
The hill fort of Raichur is the most popular attraction of the city.  The Inscription present on a slab in the western inner wall indicates that the fort was built by the kakatiya ruler in 1924 AD.  The fort is built on 88m high hill and is surrounded on three sides by a double row of massive low circuit walls.  The inner wall is constructed by huge blocks of well dressed and nicely fitted stones without any cementing  material.  The outer wall is built of comparatively rough stone masonry.  The main attraction of the fort is a large stone slab of having a length of 41 ft.

The outer fortifications of this structure contain 5 gateways : the Mecca Darwaza on the west,  the Naurangi Darwaza on the north, the Kati Darwaza on the east,  the Khandak Darwaza on the south & the doddi Darwaza on the south-east.

The inner wall of the fort has two gateways known as Sailani Darwaza on the west and Sikandari Darwaza on the east.  In the fort these are inscription in Persian and Arabic and are said to belong to Ali Burj.  Several Tanks and ruins of ancient temples are presents in the fort premises.

Jami Masjid
It is one of the biggest and beautiful mosques and is a significant religious site of Raichur City.  This awesome structure has two entrances,  one in the south which is supported on six gigantic stone pillars and the other in the east crowned with three small domes.  Near the jami Masjid there is a cemetery,  which is said to contain gaves of some members of Adil Shahi dynasty.  Opposite the Jami masjid these are remains of ancient palace and fort.

EK Minar Ki Masjid
It is one of the significant mosques in Raichur and inscriptions indicate that it is the oldest place of muslim worship in the city.  It was built during the days of Mohammed Shah Bahmani.  As the name suggests, it has only one minaret  built in Persian Architecture style with a round dome.  The Minaret consists of two stories and the height of the minaret is 20 meter.  Winding staircase leads to top from where it gives the panoramic view of the city.

Pir Sailani Shah Tomb
Raichur is known for Tomb of the Muslim Saint Pir Sailani Shah.  The fascinating structure is built in the Bijapur style of architecture.  It has a small rectangular hall with one-arched opening in each face.


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