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Bichali is situated 55 kms south of Raichur and is well known for Matha of Sri.Saviradevaru Channaveera Shivacharya Swami.

Devasugur & Shaktinagar
Devasugur is a small village in Raichur taluk and is situated 20 kms. north of Raichur city. It is on the right bank of Krishna river. Devasugur is famous for sri.Sugureshwar or  temple Veerabhadra temple which attracts large number of devotees from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Temple is known for its annual fair(Jatra) and Rathotsava(car festival) which is held in the month of Margashir(December).

Shaktinagar is an extension of Devasugur village and is located 20 kms. away from Raichur on Raichur-Hyderabad route. Shaktinagar is famous for its Thermal Power Station and is known as Raichur Thermal Power Station(RTPS) which generates electricity from coal and hence called Shaktinagar. There are 8 units os 210 MW each and caters to around one-third of power demand in Karnataka. Two more units of 810 MW each are under progress and expected to be commissioned shortly.

Ganadhal lies 32 kms. south of Raichur on the bank of Tungabhadra. It is famous for Prana Devaru or Panchamukhi Aanjaneya Temple with five faces on a hillock. It is a cave temple where saint sri.Raghavendra Swamy did panace for 12 years. It is said that Rayaru had darshan of Lord Hanuman in a unique way with five faces(Varaha, Garuda< Narashimha, Hayagreeva and Aanjaneya) at this spot along with Lord Venkateshwara(Tipurupati), Godess Sri.Mahalakshami(Kolhapur), and Kurma Avathara of Maha Vishnu. Inside the temple the  idols of these deities can be seen. It is believed that Lord Hanuman visited this place to kill Maharavana and release Rama and Lakshmana from the captives of Maharavana. Godess Yerukalamba  helped and guided Hanuman to save and release Rama and lakshmana from pathalaloka. From then it is known as Panchamukhi and Godess Yerukalamba is the guarding deity. There is a natural Pushpakavimana and also Gadhayudha used  by Lord Hanuman. There is a natural bed and pillow where Lord Hanuman used to sleep. One unique feature  in this temple is the huge pair of slippers made by Bheemayya family of Kerebudur village as per the instructions of Lord Hanuman  in his dream. Lord Hanuman wears them and patrols around the temple. Every five years he replaces the slippers because of wear and tear.

Kalmala is a significant pilgrimage situated 16 Kms away from Raichur city. It is known for the Samadhi of Saint Sri.Kariyappa tata, on which a temple is built and is known as Kariyappa Tata Temple. It is visited by devotees near and far and they believe that they can rid off  Sarpadosha or Nagadosha. Devotees also believe that snake bites can be cured.

Near Naradagadde in Kuruvakala village there is an another island called Koormagadde which is famous for Dattatreya Peetha and the Samadhi of  Sripadavallabha  Swamy.  It is said to be the original plsce of Dattatreya and there is a temple dedicated to him. It is visited by devotees from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra.

Matamari in Raichur taluk is situated 20 kms south-east of Raichur and is famous for Lord Veerabhadreshwara temple. Large number of devotees gather during annual car festival.

Naradagadde is a picturesque island in the Krishna River near Kuruvakala village in Raichur Taluk and  situated 35 Kms north east of  Raichur  city. This is famous for Narada Temple which is built on the site where Narada performed  Panace. One can reach the temple by crossing Krishna river by local boats. New bridge is under construction.

Also there is a Veerashaiva  Math, the Samadhi of Saint called called Channabasava Swamy who lived about four centuries ago and a temple of basavanna.


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