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Kallur is a small village in Manvi Taluk  situated 25 kms aaway from Manvi and 20 kms from Raichur. Kallur is famous for Mahalakshmi temple and is considered as second Kolhapur where Godess Mahalakshmi dwells.It is believed that all wishes of devotees are fulfilled if you visit mahalakshmi temple at Kallur and tie a coconut in the temple and after the wishes are fulfilled you should visit the temple again.
The temple has great significance as both Lord Venkateshwara  and Godess Mahalakshmi situated together in this place. This is the only place where you have statues of both Lord Venkateshwara and Godess Mahalakshmi.

Another popular temple in Kallur is Sri Markendeshwar temple.It is one of the oldest temples and is built of black polished stone pillars having ancient carvings on them. Inscriptions belonging to to the period of Chalukyas of Kalyana are present in the village.  This village is also known for old wells.

Kavital is situated in Manvi taluk 27 kms away from Manvi and 29 kms away from Lingasugur on Raichur-Lingasugur road. Tha distance from Raichur is 65 kms.Kavital is well known for medieval temple known as Tryambakeshwar temple.There are two kannada inscriptions in the temple. There is an image of Mahishasurmardini on the wall of the temple.

There are natural caverns in the hillock and along the slopes of the hillock iron slag and pieces ancient pottery werw found. There is an ash mound indicating the presence of smelting factory in the olden days.


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