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is situated in Karnool district of Andra Pradesh on the banks of river Tungabhadra. It is 75kms from Karnool and 40kms from Raichur(Karnataka). Mantralayam is also known as Manchale or Mantralaya. It is famous for Sri. Raghavendra Swamy matha. Guru Raghavendra Swamy was a renowned Hindu saint and philopher who lived between 1595 and 1671. It is belived that he is an incarnation of Bhakta Pralhada. Sri. Raghavendra Swamy performed many miracles during his life time. Thousands of devotees from all over the country visit mantralayam for the darshan of  Sri.Ragahvendra Swamy.
Mantralayam is also famous for Manchalamma village deity(Gramadevate) temple which is near the Samadhi of Sri.Raghavendra Swamy in the Mantralayam complex. It is a custom at Mantralayam that the devotees offer prayers at Manchalamma temple before having darshan of Sri.Raghavendra Swamy. Peole who visit mantralam also visit Panchamukhi Aanjeneya temple at Ganadhal, where sri.Raghavendra Swamy did panace for 12 years,  which is at a distance of 8 kms from Mantralayam.


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