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Gurugunta is a small village in Lingasugur talukand situated …….kms away from Lingasugur and …..kms away from Raichur. It was a small principality of Naiks related to the chiefs of Kanakagiri and Shorapur who owed their allegiance to Vijayanagar kings or  Adil Shahs of Bijapur. Earlier Gurugunta was under Nizams rule and merged in the district in 1949.

It is famous for Sri.Amarashwara temple  and an annual fair usually in the month of February. Number of devotees far and near visit this fair. It is also known for jiggery trading.

Hatti of  Lingasugur taluk is 18 kms from Lingasur and…. Kms from Raichur. It is famous for Gold mines known as Hutti Gold Mines Pvt.Ltd.

Jaladurga is 13 kms from Lingasugur and is known for island fort of Adil Shah of Bijapur. It is a picturesque pinknic spot in Krishna river.

Maski is located on the right bank of Maski river, which is a tributary of the Tungabhadra river and it is 27 kms from Lingasugur and 115 kms from Raichur. It is an import historical place. Number of inscriptions  ranging  from 10th to 16th century AD are found in this place. History of this place reveals that it was an important town and was known for iron and gold workings. Number of Neolithic implements, artifacts and antiquities are found ithis area. Principal industries of the people are weaving and gold smelting.

Mudgal town of Lingasugur taluk is situated at a distance of  16 kms south west of Lingasugur and 105 kms from Raichur. Next to Raichur it is an important histirical place in the district. Number of inscriptions found in and around Mudgal reveal that the history dates back to the Yadava dynasty. In the beginning of 14th century it was an important outpost of Kakatiya Kingdom. Later Malik Naib  captured Mudgal along with Raichur and established the Bahmani dynasty and the Bijapur kings took possession of the western and southern parts of the territaryof the Bahmani kingdom including the forts of Raichur and Mudgal. Mudgal is famous for its fort. In the construction of the fort advantage of hillock was taken. Houses of  Royal family were built on the top of the hillock.. Outer fortifications of Mudgal cover a very large area of more than a square kilometer. The outer fort has a wide moat filled with water which was built to protect from the enemies. At several places the moat is nearly 50 meter.


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